Equine Choice to help maintain equine digestive systems
Best in Show to help maintain probiotics in Pets
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Equine Choice Probiotics & Prebiotics   A  combination of natural, live,  protected,  temperature stable micro-organisms that assist in restoring & re-populating healthy gut microbes  especially in the horses hind gut.  Paste and Supplement have slightly different formulations meant for specific applications covered on dosage card in brochure.  Applications include: colic, ulcers, diarrhea, hind gut acidosis, surgery, foal scours, hauling, antibiotic / inflammatory use,underweight, senior horses.  click to read more

Prevent and Resolve are specially formulated with temperature stable, live, reproducible micro organisms that support optimum digestion in your dog. The powder is designed to be sprinkled once a day on top of your pet’s meal.  The paste is fomulated for therapeutic use for pets with diarrhea, on drugs or having surgery.  Probiotics are also important for pets who travel, senior pets, show animals and breeders.  Click here to read more

Equine Choice ACID FX
Many horses that exhibit high strung, anxious or “bad” behaviours while being worked or hauled, may be reacting to ‘acid splash’ - the  pain that results from unbuffered stomach acid contacting the unprotected upper area of the stomach.  ACID FX is given orally to buffer the stomach acid and give relief from acid splash during training, competitions or  trailering. Feedback from  horses has been amazing.   
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SLOW FEEDER SAVER Tired of seeing your hay - and $$$ - walked into the dirt and dumped into the manure pile?  Wish you could keep your horses nose out of the dusty hay? We’ve solved that problem for you with the Slow Feeder Saver! Click here to read more

Probiotic Cleaning Products contain live, probiotic bacteria that truly clean at the microscopic level, removing biofilm and removing the source of most odours (odour causing bacteria).  Widely used in European countries for many years,  Chrisal is available in personal use products as well as commercial and agricultural products.  Used in homes, hotels, hospitals -even hog and poultry barns, the non-toxic and biodegradable Chrisal products are significantly more effective than disinfectants at reducing pathogens (harmful  bacteria) over extended periods of time.  Chrisal probiotic cleaners are perfect for pet, livestock and equine facilities, including  quarantine and bio-secured areas.  Click here to read more

Equine Choice products are Canadian made and designed to work  with each other to support optimal digestive health. 

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Acid FX

Prevent 125g and 600g shakers

Equine Choice Acid FX 1litre and 4litre jugs

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Elby Pickles 1
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4.2 kg Pail


Equine Choice 80cc Tubes

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Chick Gel is a unique formulation of digestive probiotics and prebiotics designed for newly arrived chicks to establish a healthy intestinal tract.  This is crucial to help them recover quickly and stay healthy after being shipped from the hatchery.

Water Soluble Poultry Probiotics & Prebiotics for adding into your poultry’s water supply on a daily basis.  For use on all fowl to maintain healthy digestive function and reduce the need for antibiotics.  Comes in two formulations:
1.   Jar Drinkers/pans (no nipple system)
2.   Nipple drinker formulation

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